Technology is constantly evolving and is powering a world where from businesses to consumers, everyone is connected to everyone, everywhere all the time.

Minh Phuc Software Microsoft Group (MMG)

MMG possesses engineers of excellent skills and experience on developing Microsoft-based applications. We provide customers latest technology including structural solutions and designs that suit each of their demands.

  • Web Application (Web Forms và MVC)
  • Web APIs
  • Windows Form Application
  • Mobile Application
  • WCF (Windows Communication Foundation)
  • WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • SQL Server

Applying latest technology updates as developing Mobility-based applications allows Minh Phuc Software to create products of high quality which cost less time and budget.

Our Mobile App. team accumulated various experience on developing Mobility applications including Native and Hybrid App.

At Minh Phuc Software, we apply IDEs as Android Studio, Swift, XCode, Xamarin together with other self-tailored tools allowing the development/upgrade any type of Mobile App.

At Minh Phuc Software, beside Mobile App. team, we also have UI/UX, PHP, Java, .NET,… to support designing UI/UX and upgrading required Back-End Services for Mobility.


Minh Phuc Software are able to meet technology standards for modern Web as Microsoft, Java, PHP, Frameworks, libraries and tools,… Latest, various technologies allow us to develop products for platforms including Could and Mobility, and are compatible with most devices and browsers. Minh Phuc Software provide technology solutions from Front-End to Back-End as HTML, CSS, Scripting, Web APIs, Web Service and Web Components,…

Front End

Front-end technology is for upgrading UI/UX, therefore, beside professional accuracy, excellent compatible and aesthetics are crucial. At Minh Phuc Software, aesthetics designers cooperate with Front-End engineers to make sure of producing best products. For products development, beside traditional HTML, Java Script, CSS, Ajax, Jquery,… we apply new technology as ReactJS, AngularJS,… - New Front-End technologies are updated regularly at Minh Phuc Software. This specialization process is to fulfill raising strict requirements, also to upgrade quality of our products.


PHP allows creating Web applications on internet that interact with all databases: SQL, MySQL, Oracle,… PHP is a high-speed, light programming language optimized for Web application with C++ and Java-similar syntax. PHP now become one of the most popular worldwide programming languages for its taking less time on product creating.

With our experienced engineers on PHP and quality assurance, Minh Phuc Software are confident about our ability to bring our customers products of high-quality and satisfaction.


C/C++ is a strong, multi-platforms, and available for all operation systems: Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, iOS, Android. C/C++ is considered as the one to write up other programming language. C/C++ is for maximum speed purpose.

C ++ is considered as a middle-level language, as it combines the features and features of higher and lower-level languages.
With our staffs of enthusiasts, we are always looking for the designs, systems, embedded code, automation on equipment, machines and implement new systems more efficiently.