Application Development

The various outsourcing software services offered by Minh Phuc Software include

Application development

Custom Application Development Services at MP Software

At MP Software, we develop custom software applications as per our clients' requirements to serve with strategic benefits. As a custom Software Application Development Company, we elucidate their views and draft a blueprint accordingly for the software development. At every stage of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) i.e. requirement gathering, strategizing, creating a model, implementation, and deployment, we maintain constant communication with the client so that nothing goes unnoticed and if any risks are identified it can be dealt immediately. We have a dynamic team of talented software developers who are experienced in developing robust and eff¬¬icient systems.

Gain competitive advantages with MP Soft's custom application development services to have business applications addressing unique requirements.

We offer Custom Software Application Development and Maintenance services that fit all business verticals:

Application modernization and Migration

Our application modernization and migration service helps in upgrading and developing a legacy system
Applications help an organization add value to the business by increasing efficiency and help concentrate on its core business. Applications have been around for a long time now, and a lot of them have become obsolete. However, most companies are doing the maximum amount of business transactions using these legacy applications.
As a CIO/CTO, you must be under immense pressure to provide maximum output with what you have. It might be difficult to run the business, keeping the cost low while supporting innovation with the existing application software. You are bound to add more resources in managing these legacy applications. New trends in technology adopted by your competitors only add to the overall pressure.
With MP Software’s Application Modernization services, a thorough analysis of your applications is done to the most basic level. Through our analysis, our experts will provide you with a detailed report about your applications - including our recommendations detailing which application to renew, re-code, retire, replace, re-platform, re-engineer, and re-architect. With this, you can reduce your costs and free up resources.

We make sure, through our process, you have:

  • Applications adding more value to your business
  • Manageable application portfolio
  • Reduced costs

Application Maintenance

Our experts manage critical applications and maximize growth opportunities and support service for a long time
Contrary to being an overhead cost, application management can turn out to be an advantage to your business. This will only happen with the right strategy and an innovative process.

After spending a huge amount on developing custom applications, facing a downtime is the last thing your business needs. Moreover, about 15 to 20 percent of the cost of developing an application goes into maintaining the application software. It is, thus, eminent for enterprises to opt for the most cost-effective solution to support their applications. We, at MP Software, understand your needs and assist you with our Application Support and Maintenance (ASM) services. We provide constant maintenance and support while reducing cost through our onsite-offshore model. You get access to new functionalities and enhancements in your existing applications.

Apart from providing some of the most sophisticated, business aligned and innovative software to our customers, we are equipped with the necessary experience and expertise to provide 24/7 support. Through our regular patches and systematic monitoring, you will never have to worry about application downtime.

We manage applications built using a wide variety of technologies. MP Software's expertise spans Microsoft Technologies, J2EE, Java, Oracle, SAP, as well as other platforms, databases, languages, software, and enterprise applications. Ultimately, we help provide a robust, simplified, scalable, and efficient IT landscape which aids in a seamless process flow and uninterrupted business transactions - making sure you stay ahead of your competition.

Application integration

We streamline existing application architecture by embracing emerging technologies and deliver faster and cost effective enterprise solutions development services.
Over time, large companies have increased in intricacy, often resulting in rigid and fragile systems. To further complicate the situation, legacy applications make system interconnectivity across your business problematic. To preserve business agility in a world of mobile, API, and SaaS, and with data residing in multiple systems (e.g. legacy, new, cloud, etc.), enterprise integration is critical. Enterprise integration increases efficiency and enables better decision making by offering precise information at the right time.
Eliminating complex point-to-point integration allows businesses to stay in touch, and be innovative and competitive. Moreover, enterprise integration gives you the power to make better decisions. Having real-time, up-to-date information will grant you access to make well-informed and insightful decisions about your business. All you need is impeccable data from all your systems, services, and applications, that is available around the clock.

Cloud Application Development

We carefully develop and deploy applications following security, capacity and integration with on-premise as well as cloud application development

The above mentioned are some of the services offered by MP Software. We begin with planning and end with the deployment of the solutions and as per clients requirements. Our customized Software Application Development & Maintenance Services perfectly fit every business