Projects are finished on time, within budget, and most importantly with the expected value.

  • CRM

    With the increase in the number of customers in the Contact Center, the problem is the need for software that meets the requirements.

  • Dream home

    Provide a free application as an information exchanging channel between lessors and renters. Advertisement on application.

  • MPCC

    Optimize costs, make use of existing infrastructure, ensure that businesses interact with customers via voice channels, SMS, Email and Chat.

  • School Link

    Provide a fast and convenient exchanging channel between School and Family. Allow direct interaction or contact group among Teachers and Parents.

  • SV Jobs

    Provide a free application allowing students of searching for jobs that suit their required time and schedule. Advertisement on App.

  • Procurement

    Providiebidding information on mobile devices. Information is extracted regularly from Server by Web Service.